Dr. Hazel Wolstenholme

Child Feeding Support and Consultancy

Support and consultancy for parents of children with feeding challenges including fussy, picky, and avoidant eating

"After two sessions with Hazel, our daughter is beginning to accept some new foods. We found her advice really helpful and will definitely recommend her to anyone in a similar situation."

Nicola, London

"We started at a point where my son would only eat one cooked meal and various carby snacks. Hazel helped me establish the structure that worked for my son’s specific needs and I have watched him confidently come to the table without any stress. He has tasted and even eaten new and unexpected foods.  I can’t thank Hazel enough for being there anytime I needed guidance and it gives me great comfort to know that there is no need to face this on my own. I only wish I had sought her help much sooner!"

Farrah, UK

"I want to thank Hazel for all her professional help with my nine year old boy who became anxious about eating. He is doing super and is his confident self again at mealtimes"

Caitriona, Galway

"We approached Hazel for support with our lovely affectionate, witty, and active 4 year old boy. Due to autism related eating challenges, mealtimes were a big challenge for us. After 6 sessions with Hazel over 8 months, we have made a lot of progress. The biggest change is that he is happily joining the family table every day. He is able to order food in restaurants now that he could not eat anything in before. He has branched out to quite a few new foods including hot dogs, baked beans and breakfast cereals. Mealtimes are so much calmer for the whole family. We are much less worried about his nutrition now and feel confident that he is getting what he needs."

Mary, Ireland

We are very happy with the progress our son has made and no longer have any concerns about his eating and confidence he now has around food. So thank you so much for your support. It has been a great help and his removed a whole lot of stress from our daily routines. 

Michael & Paula, Ireland