Approach to Feeding Support

Evidence Based Responsive Feeding

I support parents to use responsive feeding strategies. Responsive feeding is supported by the latest research in child feeding. This approach is about listening to children's cues and signals, supporting them to tune in to their feelings of hunger and fullness and their internal drives to eat. There is no 'quick fix' for feeding challenges. This approach focuses on developing a long-term positive relationship with food. It is all about building trust and growing in confidence. 

I draw upon different approaches to managing eating challenges including SOS (sequential-oral-sensory) and EAF (emotionally aware feeding). 

Non-judgemental Approach

Every family has different beliefs, values, lifestyles, routines and food preferences. I work with you to develop an action plan that suits your family's individual needs, lifestyle and routine. 

Holistic Approach

Eating is complex and relates to so many factors. To develop an action plan that suits your child and your family it is important for me to get a sense of your child's character, strengths, challenges and interests both during and outside of mealtimes. Children's eating behaviours can change massively in different settings and some children struggle to eat at nursery, childcare, or school. I work with you to make sure your child's eating is supported as well as it can be in different environments. I understand that managing eating challenges can have an impact on siblings and other family members. I take this into consideration and work with you to develop an action plan that suits the whole family. 

Online Consultations and Email Coaching

Consultations are always with you the parent/guardian, not with your child. 

Online consultations last 50-60 minutes. Implementing new strategies can be challenging and often works best when you have your questions answered as they arise. Ongoing email support is included in the price of consultations so you have access to continuous support in between sessions. 

To make real progress, most families require between three and six sessions (including the initial assessment session), but this depends on the complexity of your child's eating behaviours. 

The Process

Once you have decided you would like to work with me, I will send you an intake form to gather some information about your child, their eating behaviours and your concerns. 

Following this I will carry out an assessment with you where I take a detailed history of your child's eating and your approach to mealtimes. This helps to understand what may be driving your child's eating behaviours and if there are any sensory, oral motor, or health concerns that may need to be addressed.

Following the assessment we will work together to develop a unique action plan tailored to your family. In line with the responsive feeding approach, we will work at your child's pace, and in a way that works with your routine and lifestyle. You will not be asked to make changes that you are not comfortable with, or that cause your child distress. 

I will coach you through implementing new feeding strategies and slowly introducing new foods at a pace that is right for your child. 

We will schedule a review consultation several months after your action planning sessions to make sure everything is still going as well as it can be. 

Find Out More

To find out more, or to inquire about working with me please complete the contact form and I will reply to you by email or phone as soon as possible.